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North West Regional Hospital Helipad

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    X-Squared Architects
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This new Emergency Helipad at North West Regional Hospital completed between late 2017 after a 12-month construction period.

This Helipad had to be CASA certified for both day and night time use which entailed the use of “Night Vision” equipment (NVG) by the Helicopter pilots. This through up a number of challenges as normal LED Heliport and Aircraft lighting at the time of design was uncertified for NVG use and could not be seen by the pilots wear these NVG systems.

We designed a Heliport IR NVG complaint LED lighting system utilising Point Lighting fitting from the USA including a Pilot operated radio activation system to operate this lighting remotely.

Other systems incorporated into this project were a full LED Area Floodlighting system to light the Helipad while loading and unloading, IP CCTV access control system and a DALI monitored emergency lighting system. This was all integrated into the existing hospital systems.