Engineering Solutions Tasmania

Scotch Oakburn College

  • Client
    Scotch Oakburn College
  • Location
  • Cost
    10 million
  • Year

The Scotch Oakburn College committed to a project of upgrading their year 9 to 12 math and science departments into the new Helix Centre over the past 2 years concluding at the end of 2017.

This major upgrade which culminated in the re-use of some of the existing building structures and the construction of a new sub-basement, basement, plantrooms and storage, then 3 levels of state of the art teaching laboratory spaces, a common audition and breakout spaces, which more than doubled the previous floor area.

The new Helix Centre incorporated state of the art, hydronic ceiling tile heating system, including hydronic floor heating in the auditorium spaces feed by must efficient gas boilers currently commercially available. The Science Laboratories also include High and Low-level ventilation include gas and power emergency shut down systems.

The other systems incorporated into these teaching spaces are state of the art interactive touch screens with the AV infrastructure to support this. Fully addressable Fire and Warden Call Systems and integrated presences sensing and IP CCTV security system with full door monitoring were also utilised.

The use of direct and indirect LED lighting to provide the best outcomes for current learning spaces. This light utilises a number of control technologies including motion sensing, DALI dimming and integrated C-Bus control in the auditorium space. Data installation is future proof with Shielded Cat 6A horizontal backbone cabling and OS1 single mode fibre from each node to the main fibre rack